UX comic pattern library

Hi There, I made library for creating quick UX comics

What the plop is it?

It's just images of dismembered body parts and random objects in a keynote file. Nothing fancy. I use them to create scenes for UX comics. I figured other folks might find it useful, so I thought I'd share

Use a bunch of bits... Individual comic elements
to make a scene Comic elements put together to create a scene

Include your designs

UX comics are for explaing products and services. So I've drawn a bunch of devices with squared off screens that you can put designs or sketches on

Seeing stone

How the chuff do you use it?

It's a Keynote file with a library of all the elements. You use those to create your scenes and export the images to put into your comic. The keynote file includes instructions on how to put panels together

Screenshot of the library being used

Feel free to download it and use it as you wish. I'll update the library when it grows

You should get a comic font as well. There's a nice free comic font called Back Issues

Have fun making cool stories about people using stuff!

Other useful stuff for making UX comics